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DMN Modular Netgame is a videogame based on a classic Spanish game: "Dominó". The domino is a board game where two o four people can play, one player vs. other or two partners vs. other two. The player who runs out of dominoes wins. For more information consult the rules and their varieties at the Internacional Federation (spanish) or at Dominoes.com.
For more information visit DMN's SourceForge Web.

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The present version of DMN is in a very initial phase of development: without network nor graphical display. In future versions we hope to implement these characteristics.

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DMN API Documentation

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The main programmers are:

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- Domino Internacional Federation (spanish): http://www.dominointernacional.org/
- Spanish delegation info (spanish): http://www.dominoes.com/DominoInfo/clubs-view.asp?clubname=77
- World Championship of Domino: http://www.inder.co.cu/indernet/Init/mdomino.htm
- World Tournament of Domino: http://www.worlddomino.com
- Basic Domino Rules: http://www.dominoes.com/DominoInfo/Domino_Basics.asp

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Please use the Mailing Lists to contact us.

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