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dmn Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dmn::ConfigConfig interface
dmn::ConfigDefaultDefault Config module
dmn::ConfigFileParse a configuration file in XML format
dmn::CoreCore interface
dmn::CoreStandardStandard Core module
dmn::DBCoupleCouple relations
dmn::DBDisplayDisplay relations
dmn::DBGameGame relation
dmn::DBHandHand relations
dmn::DBMatchMatch relations
dmn::DBPlayerPlayer relations
dmn::DBSoundSound relations
dmn::DBTeamTeam relations
dmn::DBTournamentTournament relations
dmn::DisplayDisplay interface
dmn::DisplayNullNull Display module
dmn::DisplayTextDisplay module in text mode
dmn::DominoesDominoes list
dmn::GameGame interface
dmn::GameTo20Game module to 20 points
dmn::GameTo30Game module to 30 points
dmn::GameTo40Game module to 40 points
dmn::GameToXGame module to X points
dmn::HalfDominoEach part of the domino
dmn::HandHand interface
dmn::HandDefaultDefault Hand module
dmn::IDsUnique identificators
dmn::MatchMatch interface
dmn::MatchTo1Match module to 1 games
dmn::MatchTo2Match module to 2 games
dmn::MatchTo3Match module to 3 games
dmn::MatchToXMatch module to X games
dmn::ModuleCommon elements for modules
dmn::ModuleIOOpen/Close modules
dmn::MsgError/Warning/Info messages management
dmn::PlayerPlayer interface
dmn::PlayerInfoPlayer's configuration
dmn::PlayerQtPlayer with Qt display
dmn::PlayerStupidStupid Player
dmn::PlayerTextInteractive player in text mode
dmn::QtDominoWidget with a domino
dmn::QtDominoesShow the dominoes that has the player
dmn::QtDominoProgressShows a Label with a progress bar
dmn::QtImageWidget with a image
dmn::QtMainWidgetMain widget of the Display::qt
dmn::SoundSound interface
dmn::SoundAlsaALSA module for Sound
dmn::SoundNullNULL module for Sound
dmn::SoundOggConvert a ogg vorbis file to PCM
dmn::TournamentTournament interface
dmn::TournamentCupCup Tournament

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