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dmn File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
alsa.h [code]ALSA module for Sound
config.h [code]Config module interface
configfile.h [code]ConfigFile
core.h [code]Core module interface
cup.h [code]Cup Tournament
db.h [code]Core database of modules
Config/default.h [code]Default Config Module
Hand/default.h [code]Default Hand module
display.h [code]Display module interface
dmn.h [code]Types and functions for the domino game
domino.h [code]Domino
dominoes.h [code]Dominoes list
game.h [code]Game module interface
getopt.h [code]
hand.h [code]Hand module interface
id.h [code]Create/Destroy unique identificators
match.h [code]Match module interface
module.h [code]Common elements for modules
moduleio.h [code]Open/Close modules
msg.h [code]Error/Warning/Info messages management
Display/null.h [code]Null Display module
Sound/null.h [code]NULL module for Sound
player.h [code]Player module interface
qt.h [code]Player with Qt display
qt_domino.h [code]Widget with a domino
qt_domino_progress.h [code]Progress bar
qt_dominoes.h [code]Widget with player's dominoes
qt_image.h [code]Widget with a image
qt_mainwidget.h [code]Main widget
sound.h [code]Sound module interface
soundogg.h [code]Ogg to PCM
standard.h [code]Standard Core module
stupid.h [code]Stupid Player
Display/text.h [code]Display module in text mode
Player/text.h [code]Interactive player in text mode
to1.h [code]Match module to 1 games
to2.h [code]Match module to 2 games
to20.h [code]Game module to 20 points
to3.h [code]Match module to 3 games
to30.h [code]Game module to 30 points
to40.h [code]Game module to 40 points
tournament.h [code]Tournament module interface
Game/toX.h [code]Game module to X points
Match/toX.h [code]Match module to X games

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